Embed static files into Rust binaries during release builds.
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NOTE This project is based on the original rust-embed. I made enough modifications to it that I decided to just publish it in a separate repository.

NOTE This project requires a Rust 2018 (Rust 1.31+) compiler.

packer is a library that helps you pack static files into binaries using macro magic. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Include

Include the crate in your Cargo.toml:

packer = "0.3"

Step 2: Derive

Start deriving Packer from your structs. You need to provide a folder attribute to indicate the folder from which it should be pulling. Paths are relative to the crate root.

use packer::Packer;
#[folder = "static"]
struct Assets;

Step 3: Use it!

You can now access any file using the get function:

use packer::Packer;
let data: Option<&'static [u8]> = Assets::get("kermit.jpg");

You may also choose to list all the files that have been stored.

use packer::Packer;
let files /*: impl Iterator<Item = &'static str>*/ = Assets::list();

(See the documentation for the Packer trait for the full listing of methods.)

When you build in dev mode, it will fetch off your filesystem as usual, but when you build with --release, it will pack the assets into your binary!

Future Work

  • Possibly add options for excluding files?


Author: Michael Zhang, Nathan Ringo

License: MIT